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4.( Piñata scene)   Wired dude holding bat.
"My TURN!!! "
Cat: * Holds white flag,  Thinking "Oh DEAR GOD!!! "  *Then boy wacks him in the butt and Cat Screams : AAAAHHH!!!   *And for some reason Cat is in a  Goldilocks dress and he's swinging on the swing set while Lionel Riche is singing "Easssayy!!  Ah, ah, ah ..Easy like Sunday Mornin "   Girl:  Where did you come from???   Cat:  Uhhh... Hhmm... How do I put this?  When a Mommy Cat and a Daddy Cat LOVE each other Very Much,...They decide tooo... O_o
by Johnnybro Jr., Sep 13, 2012
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