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Tired? There's a nap for that. Horny? There's a fap for that. Happy? There's a clap for that. Thirsty? There's a tap for that. Overweight? There's a lap for that. Lost? There's a map for that. Rhyming? There's a rap for that. Out of syrup? There's a sap for that. Misbehaving? There's a slap for that. Bad haircut? There's a cap for that. Box won't close? There's a flap for that. Sparta? There's a gap for that. Awesome secret society of ABH memebers only available for Android phones? There's an app for that.
by ♬(>^_^)>★ jayjay888 ★<{^_^<)♬ت, Sep 11, 2012
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