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What Is The Worst Way To Answer To "I Love You"?

1: Message seen at (insert the time you read it here.)
2: k. 3: Shut up baby, I know it. 4: We need to talk. 5: You don't know what love is, Forrest. 6: I know. 7: That's adorable. 8: Good for you. 9: You're just not terribly important to me.  10: I love.... Cake. 11: If you really loved me you would swallow.  12: If I could only get your sister to say that. 13: Go to hell grandma. 14: Aaww, me too, you're such a great FRIEND. 15: I love me too. 16: Who doesn't??? 17: Wait, are you pregnant?
by BRI573 (T.G.I.F.), 1d 17 h ago
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